Tuesday, November 29, 2011

TARDIS and the Professor! LA quest review

Yo, Smart n Heroic back and...

TARDIS, right! Time and Relative Dimension in Space! The time machine ship that takes you anywhere and anytime to anyone and anything! I remember reading Duncan Daystone's post, that there was a TARDIS in MB and a Professor, but this was in test realm. (But it suppposed to be a phone booth because they are found in London, etc.) And I remembered that ZF was live and that feature comenced. So I told Victoria right away, and she got on immediately. Now I wonder why KI added this. And I was so excited and shaking in awe because of this mystery "box".

TARDIS and the Professor in the scene. First off, TARDIS  is supposed to be blue. But to avoid copyright issues, KI rendered it red. As well as having it "telegraph" than "police box", the Professor being that rather than the Doctor, Red Converse than old, fine shoes, the bowtie than a tie, (bowties are cool), and the couple squares down the booth are merged into rectangles, and if you look closely enough on that piece of paper in the TARDIS aka phone booth...it says...




Then Victoria got on. :D
For some reason, this level 0 popped up three times. Pretty sure it's a glitch.
Wow, Doc---, I mean Prof! Nice Converse shoes! I have the same ones! (This was supposedly the 4th  Doctor, but to, again, avoid copyright issues, KI added Converse Shoes, which David Tennant, 10th Doctor.)

I noticed that when you look closely, he's wearing spectacles, or glasses. Look very closely. Also, Victoria checked if I wasn't hallucinating. I wasn't thankfully.

Heroic Picture of the Day: Victoria and I posing like the Professor, or at least trying to...

Anyway, I found the Legendary Artisan quest is quite challenging. I have a feeling it will take a while to complete it. You need two Spirit Caller Drums, which consists of a total of...
  • 8 Legion Shield Treasure Cards
  • 4 Perfect Onyx
  • 4 Pristine Vial
  • 18 Sunstone
  • 28 Black Pearl
  • 16 Golden Pearl
  • 4 Conga Drums
  • 26 Aether
Conga Drums is a furniture crafting item recipe found in Celestia Base Camp. Vendor is "Gearwise", and you need FOUR of them, which consists a total of...
  • 8 Giant Treasure Cards
  • 4 Amethyst
  • 4 Crystal Vial
  • 16 Scales
  • 16 Aether
  • 32 Shell
  • 64 Fossil
Thanks to Diana Wildheart, I found out that Aether can be dropped by Deadly Helephant Ears harvests. I bought a lot of transmutes to transmute to another transmute. Aether is seen in both Sprit Caller and Congo Durm, which will spice the search for it. And those Golden Pearls were a torture from last crafting quest back in Floating Land. Yet you need 16 of them this time! So 1 Golden Pearl is equivalent to 15 Pearls. You can get Pearls in the Portico, but 1 Pearl is equivalent to 10 Black Lotus. Sure you can sit and snipe at the Bazaar for Pearls, GP, and BL, but I found a spawing field of Black Lotus...in Vestrilund, in the middle of Vestrilund.

See how much Black Lotus I have gotten.

I continued to realm jump and realm jump, until I found one in out of many Black Lotuses, a Black Pearl.

There are about a total of 5 of these in a realm spawn. Each of the Black Lotus gives a range of 1-3 of them.
Now since, you know this, I hope I won't be seeing you guys trying to steal my Black Lotus that I'm hunting down...
A quick rundown of transmutes here, which are necessary in creating a Congo Drum and Spirit Caller Drum... Although, you can still snipe them at the Bazaar and/or realm jump to obtain it.

-1 Golden Pearl = 15 Pearls
-1 Pearl = 10 Black Lotus
-1 Black Lotus = 10 Mist Wood and 10 Ore
-1 Aether = 15 Kelp
-1 Kelp = 10 Mandrakes
-1 Mandrake = 10 Mist Wood and 10 Deep Mushroom
-1 Sunstone = 15 Sandstones
-1 Sandstone = 10 Stone blocks
-1 Fossil = 15 Stone blocks
-1 Black Pearl = 15 Black Lotus

Hope you all had a brilliant Thanksgiving!

"Victoria, do we timelords celebrate Thanksgiving?"
"Eh, I'm just with you for the food."
"Well as long you're happy, I'm happy!"

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Yes, yes, everyone now knows about Zafaria


Victoria likes explosions.

Now what kind of explosives does she like?

Tnt, mushroom clouds, bazooka, inflammable hazardous materials....

But we're talking about the Zafaria leak and details. My, my, now why is it called Saf-, I mean Zafaria. Well, it does sound like safari, so it most likely will be a safari setting, or at least most of the world. KI dropped Sir Reginald Baxby back in Golem Court just wielding that musket over his shoulder. He looks like he could be on a safari mission. Let's hope he'll appear. But why is there is a "Z" in it Zafaria? Is it because "zebras" are on the good side and/or inhabits this world? Let's see what KI has in store for us...

I forgot, There IS new gear, pets, mounts, and level cap of 70. Wonder what the title for that will be.

I'll soon be calling those of you who are level 60 to come to my office in the Commons as soon as you can! We have a small crisis which I hope you can help with. It involves travel to the world of Zafaria. I was there, long ago...

..but beware, while it is a lush and vibrant land, Zafaria was once the home of Morganthe and even still her agents sow the seeds of chaos. As war threatens to sweep over the grasslands and penetrate deep into the jungles of Zafaria, Morganthe plots to recover the heart of her lost power, and fulfill the words of the prophecy.


Ah, we a see a zebra in battle, a gorilla guard, tent, safai colony, and a depth-within-bridge.
It also says that it is Morganthe's home world, as well as Merle has been to Zafarica before... Merle and Morgan (le Fay) prophecy coming true?

Demons guarding their fortress.

This looks very similar to the Sun Palace, which comes with the Super Bundle, but more desolated and less lively.


New spells!

Fire: Volcano
         Oh, I love how the  platypi are rotating around their campfire then it enlarges, blowing the playtpi off the ground. The ground enlarges and forms a mountain top, and the top erupts flowing lava with it.

Ice:  Wolly Ice Mammoth
         A stampede of minion mammoths scramble around for the chief massive mammoth to come out.

Storm: Frankenstein
            Katzenstein attempts to pull down the lever and grunts as the Tesla coils surge and bring Frank alive. Frankenstein contacts the coils to absorb the energy to eradicate you into oblivion.

Myth: Earth Dragon
           A teal wyvern crawls from the earth beneath and wraps around to settle to find it's prey.
           **EDIT It is a basilisk. EDIT**

Life: Giant Gnome
         Little miniature gnomes gather to construct a gargantuan sole "goliath" gnome.
Death: not shown

Balance: Chimera
                A three headed creature lurks from the ground, rising above and lands with a heavy stomp. Madness in it's eyes, hurling locust to they enemy, hitting three times.

Now, obviously these might be wrong. Afterall, they are my opinions. Have fun making your own predictions though.

I'm pretty sure this guy is a boss, if not a simple npc. But then again, oni's here in Zafracia aren't nice and friendly...

KI just had to sneak in a peak at what she is doing just like how Malistaire appeared in Big Ben with Meowiarty. How devious...




  • thumb_Picture_2011-10-18_16-04-26Baobab, the market Hub of Zafaria.
  • The Savannah, with its open grasslands and hidden dens.
  • Zamuda, the great wooden city of the Zebra Empire
  • Stone Town, capital of the Elephant Nation
  • Drum Jungle, where twisted ruins hide beneath the lush canopy.    
Oh, so we get to talk to zebras, cheers. Baobab will be our market/commons.


Are the... waltzing?

Grub Guardian
Apparently, this is new game called "Grub Guardian". It can be played on the web AND Android and iOS mobile devices. We can use our pets in-game pets and link to our own accounts. So that means we can play this anywhere while you have your pets with you! Brilliant!


Blown away? I can't wait. Nor can anyone else. Test realm might hit around mid-Nov, and from KI, we receive Zafarica for our Christmas presents. :DDD

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade